Group insurance for real estate

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Protect your real estate inventory with group insurance

If you have residential or commercial rental buildings, it’s important to protect your investments against loss. The Personal offers customized group insurance for property owners that allows you to do just that. You can also insure your residential or commercial condominiums (condo association).

Are you a member of a condo association? If so, keep reading.

The adoption of Bill 141, in effect since December 13, 2018, has led to several changes to the Civil Code of Québec affecting co-ownerships. Find out how your condo association is impacted.

Real estate insurance Standard coverage

Our standard coverage for property owners provides all-risk insurance with replacement cost coverage and no co-insurance clause in the event of a claim. Coverage options include:

Real estate insurance Optional coverage

In addition to the most common optional coverages, it is possible to customize an insurance policy based on specific business needs. For example:

Commercial auto insurance

Do you use a service vehicle to maintain your buildings? Take a look at the competitive rates we offer on commercial vehicle group insurance.

Conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply. The information on this page is provided for information purposes only. Full details about coverage and exclusions are found in the insurance contract, which prevails at all times.

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