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Protecting your business is our business. And we have business group insurance designed just for that.

Are you a business owner and part of a group that has an agreement with The Personal? Protect your livelihood from the unexpected with business insurance coverage that fits your business reality.

Insure your business property and commercial vehicles with us and get exclusive rate. And you can trust us to handle your personal auto and home insurance and get all of the benefits your group insurance provides there too.

Take advantage of customized business insurance protection:


  • Acupuncture centre
  • Chiropractic centre
  • Diet and nutrition clinic
  • Occupational therapy and physical therapy clinic
  • Optometrist and eyewear store
  • Pharmacy
  • Psychologist and therapist office
  • Speech therapy clinic and audiology clinic
  • Veterinary clinic

Professional services

  • Accounting firm
  • Career counselling centre
  • Chartered appraisers’ office
  • Consulting firm
  • Engineering consulting firm
  • Human resource consulting firm
  • Land surveying firm
  • Law firm
  • Real estate agency
  • Urban planning firm

Real estate

  • Commercial rental property
  • Commercial condominium
  • Residential condominium (condominium association)
  • Residential rental property

Spouses of business owners are entitled to the same business insurance benefits

At The Personal, clients’ spouses1 are our clients too, no matter what they do (construction contractor, mechanic, hairdresser, home-based daycare owner, etc.). If they own a business, we can insure their property and/or commercial vehicle at our preferred group rates. For more details, talk to one of our insurance agents!

Our commercial group insurance products

Property and liability insurance

Get made-to-measure property and liability commercial insurance coverage.

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Commercial vehicles insurance

Discover all the advantages of insuring your commercial vehicles with our business insurance coverage.

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Liability insurance for businesses: 3 different types

1. Liability insurance for businesses

Liability insurance is included in The Personal property insurance policy and protects your business in the event of accidental bodily injury or property damage to a third party on the premises or resulting from the activities, work or products of your business.

Example of a potentially eligible situation
A delivery person slips on a freshly washed floor at your place of business and breaks a leg.

2. Professional liability insurance

Also known as "errors and omissions insurance," this insurance covers claims resulting from any mistakes, errors, omissions or negligence when performing professional services.

This insurance is not offered at The Personal. However, it is often offered by your professional association.

Example of a potentially eligible situation
A client suffers skin lesions following treatment you provided.

3. Liability insurance for officers and directors

Are you a director in a not-for-profit organization (NPO) or an officer in a condominium corporation? This insurance protects you and your organization against the financial consequences of an injury allegation or lawsuit.

Example of a potentially eligible situation
Members of the condominium corporation where you are a board member hold you responsible for an insufficient contingency fund to pay roof replacement costs.

Discover the advantages of doing business with The Personal

  • Preferred group rates
  • 24-hour emergency service and hassle-free claims 
  • Business assistance services included with property and liability insurance coverage
  • Flexible payment options, with the ability to divide your premium into 12 equal payments with no fees or interest

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  • 1. Definition of spouse: any person who has been living in a conjugal relationship for one year and is publicly presented as a spouse, including persons of the same sex.
  • The information on this page is provided for informational purposes only. The terms and conditions of the coverages described are set out in the insurance policy, which always prevails. Certain conditions, exclusions and limitations may apply.

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