null Stay connected on the road with apps that make your life easier!

Download the following apps before you leave, pass your phone to your co-pilot, and enjoy the drive!


This is your one-stop app to outsmart traffic. Waze gives you real-time traffic updates and the possibility to compare gas prices in nearby locations. It's a community-based app updated by drivers on the road, so you always get an accurate picture of what's going on around you!

Trip Advisor

Looking for a clean and pleasant place to crash at the end of a long day on the road? Look no further than THE best community-based resource for travellers. When you’re tired, it’s always tempting to stop at the first hotel on the side of the road, but a quick look at Trip Advisor will spare you a world of headaches.

Google Maps

If you only download one app before your trip, make it Google Maps. This app uses your phone's GPS function to locate your position and give you driving directions to wherever you want to go. But make sure to download the maps you need before you leave, because constant usage of Google Maps might cost you a fortune in data! Other alternatives that store the maps directly on your phone are TomTom.


Tired of having to slow down to read exit signs on the highway? iExit is the app for you. Using the GPS function of your phone, it shows you every service offered at the next exit (restaurants, hotels, gas stations, rest areas, etc.). It's perfect for planning out your stops!


No road trip would be complete without a soundtrack! Spotify is free (as long as you put up with commercials) and allows you to build customizable playlists you can adapt to your mood or the landscape you’re passing through.

These apps can really enhance your driving experience. Technology has more than one way to help you on the road!

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Stay connected on the road with apps that make your life easier!

Planning a road trip? You can use your smartphone to enhance your experience on the road!

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