null The smart house is here

According to Hugo Bergeron, building technology integrator at Clef de sol, we are witnessing an expansion of domotic applications that improve the comfort and security of our homes in a tangible and affordable manner. Domotics consists of automating several household tasks without the need for human intervention.

Bergeron believes that people should learn more about new residential construction technology. “Very few people are aware of just how much domotics makes everyday life easier, and some are still hesit.

Four advantages of domotics

  • Save money
    Even if there is a cost associated with installing a domotic system, doing so can lead to savings down the road. Domotics improves the efficiency of the home heating system and can lead to lower home insurance premiums. For example, installing alarms and detectors can reduce the risk of major property damage caused by such things as water leaks
  • Save time
    No more need to walk around the entire house to shut off all the lights.
  • Increased comfort
    Control the temperature in the house and adjust lighting intensity more easily.
  • Improved security
    Optimize the management of home security systems (theft, fire and water damage).

Not as futuristic as you’d think!

“All new homes should have a few domotic applications, as they provide a more comfortable living environment. Even those most hesitant about new technology are won over once they learn about the advantages of domotics,” says Bergeron.

Ten domotic applications

One of the better known applications of domotics is the presence of movement detectors and alarms to prevent theft. Today, domotic technology has become more diversified. Here are a few examples:

  1. Opens and closes locks.
  2. Automatically stops the heating system when a window is open.
  3. Programs the heating and air conditioning systems based on the temperature outdoors.
  4. Automatically shuts off the light when no-one is in a room.
  5. Detects water leaks and automatically shuts the water valve off.
  6. Turns the tap on when a hand is placed under it and off when it is removed.
  7. Activates an automatic blocking system if the sewer backs up.
  8. Detects smoke and heat in case of fire.
  9. Detects if water pipes are at risk of freezing up.
  10. Alarm system can be set to present or absent mode (present mode: all lights turn on if there is abnormal movement in the home; absent mode: no light will turn on).

The smart house is here

Until recently, the idea that we could live in a totally automated house seemed like something out of a science fiction novel. But today, domotics is becoming more and more popular.

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