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Answers to questions about The Personal's pet insurance protections for cats and dogs.

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Pet insurance policy: new policy and renewal

Are there any delays (waiting periods) between the time I enroll my pet and the time my pet's coverage begins?

Under all levels of coverage, the waiting period before coverage applies is only 48 hours for accidents and 14 days for illness. There’s also a 6-month waiting period for dental coverage, cruciate ligament and intervertebral disc disease.

Does my insurance policy automatically renew each year, or do I need to enroll again?

Yes – your policy renews automatically each year. As long as you continue to pay your monthly insurance premiums, you’re covered for the life of your dog or cat.

What's my policy "anniversary date"?

The anniversary date is the calendar day that marks the date that your policy was first issued. Your first anniversary date is established exactly one year from the day on which your policy was first issued, and every year after that. If you change your coverage, your policy anniversary date changes to the effective date of your new coverage.

Insurance premium

What do I have to pay for?

You pay your monthly insurance premiums. When you file a claim, you're also responsible for paying the co-insurance and your annual deductible. These will be subtracted from your claim reimbursement.

When are my payments for my insurance policy due?

When you first enroll, Petline Insurance Company will debit your monthly insurance premium starting the day that your policy is issued. Going forward, your payments will be debited on that day every month, unless you choose a different payment date through our customer service team, or via your online Customer Account. Please note that if at any time your insurance premium payment is withdrawn and the funds are not available, a second withdrawal wil be attempted approximately 10-15 days after the first attempt.


What's covered in my pet insurance policy?

No matter what level of coverage you've chosen – Bronze, Silver or Gold Paw – your plan covers veterinary fees due to accidents or illness for the specified amount under your chosen plan. This includes x-rays, hospitalization, surgery, prescriptions, chemotherapy, MRI/CAT scans, and other diagnostic procedures.

Am I covered if my pet develops an ongoing condition?

With our lifetime coverage, your dog or cat is covered for as long as you maintain uninterrupted pet insurance coverage. Every level of our coverage, from Bronze Paw to Gold Paw, provides renewable limits for all accidents and illness during the lifetime of your pet.

My pet is older. Can I still get pet insurance?

Yes, absolutely. We believe pet insurance should be available to all pet owners and have designed our coverage accordingly. With the The Personal Pet Insurance Program, even senior pets have access to coverage.

I chose the optional dental coverage. Does this include cleanings or problems with my pet's teeth or gums?

Yes! Our dental coverage can be used towards routine cleaning and conditions with your dog’s or cat’s gums and/or teeth. Plus, no matter what level of coverage and (optional) dental coverage you choose, your annual limits for dental claims will renew each year, so you can continue to provide your pet with the dental care they need. (Dental coverage is automatically included in the Silver Paw and Gold Paw policies.)

What's included in the Additional Coverage?

Additional Coverage is included with the Gold Paw policy. If you make a claim, we reimburse you up to the maximum benefit amount for behavioural therapy, alternative therapy and medical devices.

What's included in behavioural therapy (under "Additional Coverage")?

Coverage for behavioural therapy includes veterinary consultations to diagnose and subsequently treat abnormal behavioural problems in your dog or cat. Also, when referred by your veterinarian, your pet is covered for treatment by a certified animal behavioural therapist. As with all Additional Coverage categories, the coverage limit is renewed each policy year.

What’s included in alternative therapy (under “Additional Coverage”)?

Coverage for alternative therapies includes acupuncture, chiropractic services, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy and physiotherapy for your dog or cat. However, these therapies are only covered when they are part of the treatment for an insured accident or illness and are prescribed by your veterinarian. As with all Additional Coverage categories, the coverage limit is renewed each policy year.

What’s included in medical devices (under “Additional Coverage”)?

Medical devices are typically designed to improve the quality of life of your pet. We’ll reimburse you up to the maximum benefit amount stipulated in your pet insurance policy for the cost of specialized medical devices your dog or cat may require as prescribed by your vet. Please note that this coverage is subject to prior approval by Petline Insurance Company.


Can I continue to use my existing veterinarian?

Yes. You can use any licensed veterinarian in Canada. If you prefer, you can even visit and claim at multiple veterinary clinics. We leave the choice about who should care for your dog or cat completely up to you. When travelling on vacation in the Continental United States with your pet, you’re also covered for licensed veterinary treatment.

How does the payment and claim reimbursement process work?

When you take your dog or cat for veterinary treatment, pay the full amount of your bill at the clinic, have your vet’s office sign the form (PDF), and then submit the completed claim form to us along with your receipts. You’ll be reimbursed for 80% of the costs of veterinary treatment (20% is the co-insurance portion).

Your annual deductible will be subtracted from your payment until the specified deductible amount has been satisfied.

What does 20% co-insurance mean?

Your "co-insurance" is the portion of the pet insurance claim that you, the policyholder, must pay. With the The Personal Pet Insurance Program, we pay 80% of your veterinary fees, and you are responsible for the remaining 20%.

What's a deductible?

The deductible is a fixed amount which you are responsible for. This amount is deducted from your claim after co-insurance has been applied. With our coverage, you only have to pay one annual deductible, no matter how many insurance claims you have throughout the year. You are not required to pay the annual deductible in years that you do not claim. The deductible is based on your pet’s age.

In a claim situation, how do the 20% co-insurance and the deductible work?

The co-insurance is applied first and then the deductible. The following example will show you how your claim payout is calculated. Suppose you submit a claim in the amount of $1,000:

Amount of claim: $1,000
20% co-insurance (20% x $1,000): -$200
Deductible applied ($100): -$100
Amount reimbursed: $700

Once the deductible amount has been satisfied, additional claims submitted during the same policy period are not subject to a deductible. However, because your deductible is annual, if you submit a claim after your pet insurance policy renews, a new annual deductible will apply.

Co-insurance applies to every claim. However, the full deductible only applies to the policy period.

What's an "aging deductible"?

The format of our deductible is what is often called an “aging deductible.” This means your deductible increases only as your pet ages and becomes more susceptible to illness or injury. Just as with any other insurance, premiums may increase over time, but this will only be due to inflation or other outside forces, not because of your dog’s or cat’s health or your claims activity.

How quickly will I be reimbursed when I file a claim?

Typically, Petline Insurance Company is able to process your claim reimbursement within 5 to 10 business days of receiving your claim. More complex claims (such as those which involve multiple conditions) may take longer. In the event of a claim delay, such as an incomplete claim form, they'll notify you in writing.

How will I receive my reimbursement?

You’ll receive a cheque by mail. However, when you choose direct withdrawal from your bank account as your payment method for monthly insurance premiums, we can also direct deposit your claims reimbursements. This is optional though, so you’ll have to speak to a customer service agent to make this request.

If I make many claims, will my insurance premiums or deductibles go up?

No. We expect you to use your coverage and to make ongoing claims throughout the life of your dog or cat. Neither your deductible nor your insurance premiums will increase as a result of the number of pet insurance claims you make.

Other questions

How do I file a complaint?

If you’re not satisfied with your pet insurance, please review the Petline Insurance complaint guide.

What if my question isn't answered here?

Petline has P&C insurance agents that are happy to help you. If you have any questions pertaining to our plan or your levels of coverage, call the Customer Centre toll-free at By phone:1-855-343-9385. If your question concerns a claim, please call By phone:1-800-581-0580.

The information on this page is provided for informational purposes only. The terms and conditions of the coverages described are set out in the insurance policy, which always prevails. Conditions, exclusions and limitations may apply.

The Personal Pet Insurance Program is underwritten and distributed by Petline Insurance Company.

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