Alert program

The DIY home security system and professional monitoring service by Roost® makes it easy to protect your home.

Introductory offer for our clients
Get a $250 discount when you purchase the security system
(Pay only $45 instead of $295)

+ A monthly fee of $17 for the monitoring service will apply.1

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How does Alert work?

The AlertTM program is available through The Personal mobile app and includes a wireless home security system and its 24/7 monitoring service provided by Roost.

With a DIY home alarm system, you can help prevent damage and losses caused by break-ins, fire, water and more.

Just install the devices, pair the system to your app and your home is better protected.

Get an alert on your smartphone in the event of:



Water or Freeze

Power outage

It's easy to manage your alerts:

  1. When you're signed up for the monitoring service, Roost's central monitoring station is alerted.
  2. You get a text or an automated call from the monitoring station.
  3. You confirm the event or cancel if it’s a false alert.
  4. When you respond quickly to an alert, you can help prevent the most common types of damage to your home, like water damage.

Benefits of the Alert program

Take advantage of this wireless DIY system

  • Pair your app to the security system.
  • Install devices with pre-attached adhesive tape. No tools necessary!

Access everything from your mobile app

  • See the status of your connected devices.
  • Choose to receive alerts by text or in the app.
  • Arm and disarm your security system.

Get a worry-free system for a low price

  • No installation fee.
  • No rental fees—the system is yours to keep.
  • No long-term contract required for Roost's 24/7 monitoring service—pay a competitive monthly rate.

Save on your home insurance from The Personal

Get an exclusive rate

You could get an exclusive rate on your home insurance if you’re a member of a professional order, union, major company or alumni association.

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Save up to 10% with the monitoring service

Pay less for your home insurance2 when you take out a monthly subscription to Roost's professional monitoring service.

See all discounts


Save up to 5% with 5 water and freeze detectors

Save more on your home insurance3 when you install at least 5 water leak detectors and take out a monthly subscription to Roost's professional monitoring service.

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Discover Roost’s home security system

Smart base

The smart base is the core of your home security system—all devices talk to the base.

Your smartphone and the central monitoring station are alerted if the system detects:

  • The sound of your smoke alarm
  • A break-in
  • A water leak
  • Freezing temperatures
  • A power outage



All members of your household can arm and disarm the system using the keypad.

You can disarm your security system or arm it 2 ways:

  • Stay mode when you're at home
  • Away mode when you're out

Door and window contacts

The security system includes 3 door and window contacts.

Sensors let you know when a door or window has opened or closed.

If the system is armed and a door or window opens, you'll be notified of a break-in.

Motion detector

This device detects all movement in the area you want to cover.

If you're out, and the system is armed in Away mode, any movement the motion sensor detects will trigger an alert.

If you have a pet, you can disable the motion detector in Alert’s settings.

Water and freeze detectors

The security system includes 2 water and freeze detectors.

You'll get an alert if there’s a water leak or risk of freezing.

Place them under your sink, near the dishwasher or water heater.

Did you know the No. 1 home insurance claim is water damage? Read our water damage prevention tips.

Smoke alarm listener

If your smoke detector goes off, the smoke alarm listener will send an alert to your app.

The listener only works with T3 smoke alarms, which make 3 beeps followed by a pause. If you don't have a T3 smoke alarm, you can find one at most hardware stores.

Read the FAQ.

Is Alert right for you?

You have an iPhone (iOS 11 or higher) or Android (6 or higher) smartphone to download The Personal app.

You have Wi-Fi at home.  

You live in a province or territory4 where the Alert program is offered. 

How much do Roost’s DIY security system and monitoring service cost?

The security system includes:

  • 1 smart base
  • 1 keypad
  • 3 door and window contacts
  • 1 motion detector
  • 2 water and freeze detectors
  • 1 smoke alarm listener

After introductory offer: $295 + taxes

Free shipping

The monitoring service includes:

  • Professional monitoring, 24/7
  • Text notifications and automated calls from the central monitoring station
  • Emergency services—they’re dispatched in response to alerts when appropriate


Subscription: $17/month + taxes

You're signed up when you buy your security system.

You’re not locked into a long-term contract—you can unsubscribe at any time.5

Introductory offer for our clients

Pay only $45
for the home security system

(you save $250)

The $17/month monitoring service fee is separate.1

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Enter the promo code THEPERSONAL01at Roost's online store to get your discount.

You'll need to provide your cellphone number to create your account.

Who is Roost?

Roost specializes in smart home security systems and professional monitoring services. Originally, Roost helped us offer water and freeze detectors to our home insurance clients. Today, they’ve not only added more devices but also updated the technology—it works with a mobile app and helps prevent damage!   

Security system already delivered?
Refer to the guide.

Download The Personal app

The app is free and works with iPhones (iOS 11 or higher) or Android (6 or higher) smartphones.

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Set up your security system

Open your app and look for Discover Alert in the Prevention section.

Follow the steps in the installation and user guide:

Download the guide (PDF 1,005 KB)


Get peace of mind!

Your home security system will alert you if it detects smoke, break-ins, water leaks, freezing or power outages.


See all the ways you benefit with The Personal app

The app lets you manage your alarm system and:

  • Access Ajusto®, the safe driving program and receive RadarTM weather alerts
  • Manage your insurance file and payments
  • File a claim when it's convenient for you
  • Use our photo-based estimate feature for faster claim processing
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Need help?

Is the water and freeze detector I got before May 2022 compatible with Roost's security system? 

No, but you can keep using it with the previous Alert program in your current mobile app.

Roost has rolled out a brand new security system that works with The Personal's updated app. When you use this system and pair it with the new version of the app, you'll get water and freeze alerts, as well as alerts from devices that can sense break-ins, power outages, or the sound of a smoke detector. If you decide to buy Roost's security system, please recycle your old water and freeze detectors and their batteries at an ecocentre.

For more information about the previous Alert program (water and freeze detectors obtained before April 2022), see the water and freeze detector FAQ in The Personal app.

Why do I need Wi-Fi at home?

To set up Roost’s security system, it's best to connect your smartphone to your home’s Wi-Fi network. The system’s smart base also connects to your Wi-Fi to send you alerts if it detects an event.

It’s important to have a strong Wi-Fi connection—we recommend setting your smart base close to your router.

Still have questions? Consult the FAQ

The FAQ covers many topics, from program basics and privacy protection to how to fix technical problems.

See our FAQ


Contact us

If you have questions about Alert, call Technical Support: 
Call us1-866-944-4762

Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 9 PM (Eastern Time)
Saturday and Sunday, 8 AM to 4 PM (Eastern Time)


At The Personal, we're committed to respecting our clients' right to privacy. For more information, read the Alert Program Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

The information on this page is provided for informational purposes only.

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Savings are based on each client's individual profile. Savings and discounts are subject to eligibility requirements. Rates and discounts are subject to change without notice.

1. When you buy Roost's security system through Roost's online store. A separate $17/month professional monitoring service subscription from Roost is required with introductory offer. Taxes extra. This offer ends March 28, 2023, or until supplies run out. After our promotional sale, the price of the home security system is $295. Taxes apply. [Back]

2. This discount will be applied automatically to your home insurance policy and will remain in effect if:

  • You have a home insurance policy with us and sync it with The Personal app.
  • You install the Roost security system devices and pair them with the smart base and the app (note that only 1 of the 3 door and window contacts is required to get the discount, but installing all 3 is recommended).
  • You complete the initial smoke alarm listener test.
  • You have an ongoing subscription to Roost's professional monitoring service.

The discount will be deactivated if any of these situations change. [Back]

3. This discount will be applied automatically to your Desjardins home insurance policy and will remain in effect if:

  • You have a home insurance policy with us and sync it with The Personal app.
  • You install at least 5 water and freeze detectors and pair them with the smart base and the app.
  • You have an ongoing subscription to Roost's professional monitoring service.

The discount will be deactivated if any of these situations change. [Retour]

4. The Alert program is available in Canada only: in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

Some cities, towns, or municipalities require you to register or to obtain a permit or authorization certificate before you install a home security system. Please ensure you comply with all applicable requirements. If you plan to move to another province or territory, please read our FAQ (frequently asked questions[Back]

5.You can cancel your professional monitoring service subscription at any time; however you will no longer qualify for the above-mentioned potential home insurance savings. To receive a full refund, you must cancel in your first 30 days. [Back]